OCTRI announces Catalyst Pilot Project award recipients

The Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute (OCTRI) announces the funding of five research awards through its Catalyst Pilot Projects Program. The program is designed to launch multidisciplinary studies to further translational research and the awards support the collection of data essential to launch compelling applications for sustained national research funding. The funding was available through support from the NIH, the School of Medicine and the Office of the Vice President of Research.

Congratulations to our 2012 Catalyst Pilot Award Winners: Joel Nigg, Ph.D; Janne Boone-Heinonen, Ph.D; Peter Steyger, Ph.D; Tom Scanlan, Ph.D/David Koeller, MD.

“These projects will improve our understanding of health and disease, evaluate new diagnostics and treatments, and shape new approaches to the delivery of effective healthcare,” said OCTRI Director Eric Orwoll, M.D. “We are excited to have approved funding led by creative and innovative researchers. Their work will build research programs at OHSU and the region, and will help establish the foundation for improved health care.”

Proposals fit within three areas of focus:

  • Development of Center Grants, Program Project and multi-PI Collaborative Awards – Funding aims to catalyze multidisciplinary collaborations, further the development of strong foci of biomedical research, and enhance the core resources available to OHSU investigators.
  • Research Cohort Development – To address the paucity of well-phenotyped human populations for research, funding supports cohort assembly, data system development, biospecimen collection, initial phenotyping or other needs.
  • T1 Translational Research/First in Human Studies – Support is intended to accelerate basic science advances into human trials, and thus set the stage for ongoing funding, either through grant sources or licensing/start-up generation.

Detailed information on all five awards, including project abstracts, is provided on the OCTRI website.

OCTRI is funded by the NCRR/NCATS CTSA grant (UL1RR024140) of the National Institutes of Health. For more information on OCTRI’s services, please visit: www.octri.org