Nonviolent Communication Practice Group forming in September

The Research and Academic Human Resources team is offering a Nonviolent Communication practice group here on the OHSU campus. This group is for both those new to the Nonviolent Communication model as well as those who are experienced with using it.

What is Nonviolent Communication? It focuses on:

  • Accurate perception
  • Effective expression of our needs and the aspects of ourselves that alert us to those needs
  • The discovery of wise strategies to meet our needs in a balanced way with those of others
  • Recognition of the shared, universal emotions and needs that bond all of us as human beings

What can be gained by participating?

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Confidence to address interpersonal issues
  • An opportunity to contribute to internal, interpersonal, and organizational peace

There is no cost for participation. Sessions will be held once per month at a time suitable for those who choose to form a group. Students, postdocs, volunteers, and employees of OHSU are welcome.

Interested parties should contact Rachel Borsch to register.