OHSU’s new intranet: It’s all about search

If you’ve visited OHSU’s intranet recently, you may have noticed that the Ozone has morphed into something called O2. The new intranet looks a lot different, but there are new things going on behind the scenes, too. One of the things we’re most excited about it search. Use O2 search to find everything from HR forms to the Research Procurement Portal.

If you’re new to O2 search, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • If you can’t find something you want in the navigation, use search.
  • Something not showing up in the search results? You might be looking for content that’s on an public-facing website (like this one). If that’s the case, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says Results from www.ohsu.edu.
  • O2 is still a work in progress. We will be adding more research content in the near future–stay tuned for opportunities to give your feedback!

Visit the Web Strategies blog to learn the Top Five Coolest Things About O2 Search.

2 responses to “OHSU’s new intranet: It’s all about search

  1. We, on 4a, have found the new O2 to be quite slow. Much slower than the old version. The nursing portal in particular has been difficult to work with–Spark Tool is really bad. Still working on some of these pages?

    1. Hi Cary, thanks for reading! If you have general feedback about O2, I encourage you to submit a feedback form to web strategies. All you have to do is scroll down to the bottom of any O2 page and click the “site feedback” link in the bottom left corner.

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