New eCoI rolls three conflict of interest disclosures into one

Back in December, we told you about the NIH’s revised  regulations regarding conflict of interest in research.  These regulations were enacted to manage the growing complexity of conflicts of interest for investigators receiving grants from the Public Health Service through objectivity, transparency and accountability.

OHSU’s Integrity Office has developed a new Conflict of Interest (CoI) System named eCoI. This new system replaces two separate systems (CoIR Management System and the Big Brain CoI module) with one system that satisfies all disclosure requirements, based on role. eCoI is housed in Big Brain, OHSU’s portal for online education. eCoI will go live in time for the CoIR regulatory compliance date of August 24th, 2012.

Researchers, to comply with the revised regulations, you will need to do the following by the time of your next grant award after 8/24/12, or, on your regular annual CoIR due date, whichever is sooner:

  • Update your CoI disclosure in eCoI
  • Submit travel disclosures (applies only to those involved in PHS funded research).

The revised regulations also include a training requirement.  Researchers will also need to complete the Integrity Booster after the updated version is released (you will receive a separate notification when it’s ready!). This also must be completed by the time of the next grant award after 8/24/12.

The new system will walk you through what needs to be disclosed, but remember to update disclosures with new interests. Questions? Review the FAQs and/or contact the Integrity Office with questions at 503.494.8849 x 2 or


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  1. I am not involved in any NIH research at this time nor do I plan to do so in the future.

    David B. Mahler, PhD

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