Important information about PCORI applications from OHSU

Dear Colleagues,

Letters of intent for the second funding cycle at the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) are due October 15. Because many of applications require institutional support–especially from the clinical enterprise–we are asking that interested applicants submit their letters of intent for review. Internal review will ensure that:

  • Optimal institutional collaborations and commitments are in place, particularly those that involve the OHSU clinical enterprise and its regional partners;
  • Applications won’t be duplicative or conflict with one another; and
  • Collaborations and synergies that could strengthen proposals are identified.

Please send draft versions of letters of intent by Monday, October 1 to Research Funding & Development Services. They will send to a team of OHSU research and clinical leaders with expertise in these opportunities for review. Responses will be prompt and constructive.

Eric Orwoll, MD
Associate Vice President for Clinical & Translational Research


PCORI’s mission is to support comparative clinical effectiveness research that will allow patients and their caretakers to make better informed health care decisions. They plan to fund $120 million in awards this year during three funding cycles. Funding is available in each of the following areas for up to $500,000 per year:

  1. Assessment of Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment Options: For projects that address critical decisions that patients, their caregivers, and clinicians face with too little information.
  2. Improving Healthcare Systems: For projects that address critical decisions that face health care systems, the patients and caregivers who rely on them, and the clinicians who work within them. Projects will compare system-level approaches of which strategies will lead to better patient outcomes.
  3. Communication and Dissemination: Seeks to fund projects that address the critical knowledge gaps in the communication and dissemination process—including the communication and dissemination of research results to patients, clinicians, and caregivers so that they may make the best possible decisions in choosing among options for health care.
  4. Addressing Disparities: For projects that will inform the choice of strategies to eliminate disparities in health and health care outcomes.

Successful applications will have a research team that includes patients and/or caregivers, as well as clinicians, health system managers, or other potential end-users of the study findings, along with researchers—each participating actively in the design and implementation of the study and the dissemination of its results. Applicants must also clearly explain how their proposed research aligns with one or more of PCORI’s patient-centered research questions. Refer to each program’s full request for proposals or the PCORI application guide for more information including examples of project ideas.