Mentor a student in clinical and translational research next summer?

The Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute (OCTRI) Oregon Students Learn and Experience Research (OSLER) program is looking for mentors for medical, dental, doctoral nursing, and graduate students for summer research in 2013. The OCTRI OSLER TL1 program can provide a stipend ($4,862 prorated for 12 weeks) and modest research costs of $460 for 6 students for research over 8-12 weeks next summer.  The Dean’s fund provides funding for an additional 8-10 additional summer training slots.  These award a onetime stipend payment of approximately $3750 but no research costs. There is a unified application process for both programs.


To qualify as a mentor, you must have ongoing, funded clinical or translational research in which a student can participate. There are usually more than 30 students who apply for summer research positions. Students will contact potential mentors of interest, usually in December and January. Mentors will want to talk with the student to select a student(s) that matches well with the research plan or group.   The student then submits a short proposal, and the mentor must write a letter of agreement to support the student. Please note that mentors should not be named on more than two student applications. More details on the application can be found at

Become a mentor

If you wish to be listed as an available mentor, please send the following information to Katy Lesowski by Monday, December 3, 2012.

Name and degree:
Short (1-3 sentence) description of research in which the student would participate:
Contact phone: