IRB Notes: From the Chair’s Desk

Why are things sitting in Chair Screening so long? Unfortunately, due to staff changes, IRB Chair functions are operating at 25% capacity. The good news is that we have welcomed Dr. Betsy Haney, from the Division of General Internal Medicine, and Dr. Lynn Marshall, an epidemiologist in the Department of Orthopedics, as Vice Chairs on the IRB leadership team. Drs. Haney and Marshall have completed their training and are now diving into approving studies, modifications and continuing reviews.  In addition, we are in the final stages of hiring a full-time Administrative Chair, who will take over management and administrative duties, as well as contribute to review and approval of study items.

In short, we hope to have approval times back to days, rather than weeks, in the very near future.  In the interim, we continue to appreciate your continued patience.  For urgent issues (participant waiting, etc.), as always, please contact your analyst.