New resource: Genetically engineered mouse models at OHSU

The Department of Comparative Medicine has compiled a list of a genetically engineered mouse models that are being used by researchers at OHSU. On the spreadsheet, you will find a list of mouse strains and stock numbers as well as their source and the contact information for the PI at OHSU who is using that particular strain. If you’re interested in using a particular strain, please contact the PI listed directly. Search the list by using Control + F. If you plan to transfer resources, remember that a transfer request form must be used.

Please note: This spreadsheet is updated monthly; however, the Department of Comparative Medicine cannot guarantee that any strain on this list is available on campus at any given time. Strain names are provided by the person who placed the order and may not be listed with official nomenclature. If you have a strain that you would like added to this list, email Ron Myatt.

View the list of genetically engineered mouse models