IRB Notes: eIRB Helpdesk

Question: I’m trying to add Jane Doe to our study. She finished her modules last week but her name does not populate in the dropdown in eIRB. Why?

Answer: She hasn’t registered for the eIRB system.

It sounds obvious but it’s true—we get this question more frequently than you’d expect. Here’s how you can get started in the Electronic IRB system. To register, go to the main eIRB login page and click on “register here” in the red “User Account” box. Complete the Account Registration Form with your information as it appears in the HR database (otherwise you may receive an error message) and click the Register button. Within 30 minutes, you will receive an email that contains your temporary password. You must have an Employee ID number assigned before you can register for an account.

If you need to request an external employee ID number, you can do so here. Non-OHSU employees, including students, involved in research at OHSU may use the form to request an external OHSU EID. The EID acts as a unique identifier and assists with the synchronization of compliance status data between various electronic systems such as but not limited to the eIRB, eCoI, and the OHSU Big Brain. This request usually takes about 3-5 business days and HR should send a notification once an EID is assigned. If you have not heard back from HR, please contact the Research Integrity Office and we can look it up for you. Once you have an EID assigned, you can register for an eIRB account.

Once you get your temporary password, visit the eIRB page and click on the login link. You can use the “Forgot Username?” or the “Forgot Password?” links located below the eIRB login or contact the OHSU Research Integrity Office (ORIO) at (503) 494-7887, option 1 or at if you have difficulty logging in.