Congratulations! Ben Smith, Biosafety Specialist, wins National Poster Award

The American Biological Safety Association (ABSA) hands out a National Poster Award at their annual meeting. This year, Ben Smith of OHSU’s Research Safety Team won the prestigious award for his contribution to Biosafety.

Ben’s poster outlined a project to create an infectious agent alert wallet card for researchers and a question tree flow chart to assist medical professionals in the identification of a laboratory-acquired infection. This card improved communication between OHSU’s Research Safety Program, Employee Health, Student Health, Division of Infectious Disease, and Hospital Emergency Department. In the event a laboratory worker is exposed to an infectious agent they work with or begins to show symptoms consistent with a laboratory-acquired infection (LAI), we now have an Emergency Response Plan for Biological Exposures. This is great news for everyone who works in a lab here at OHSU. Ben, thanks for your hard work and dedication to keeping OHSU’s employees safe!