Send .ZIP and .XML files with your OHSU email account

If you’ve always wanted to send and receive large file attachments with your OHSU email account here’s good news from ITG’s TechTalk.

Good news for those OHSU staff that need to share files through email. ITG is now allowing .ZIP and .XML files to be received to and sent from email accounts.

In the past, these file types were not allowed; however, thanks to careful improvements in OHSU’s security controls, these files no longer pose a threat.

If you have any questions, please contact the ITG Help Desk at 4-2222.

2 responses to “Send .ZIP and .XML files with your OHSU email account

  1. 1) Does this mean we can email .zip files both within OHSU and to email addresses outside of OHSU?

    2) What are the message size restrictions on sending and receiving email?

    3) It would be nice to have this information posted on the ITG web page. Maybe it is there, but I’ve tried to find it several times without success.



  2. Hi, John,
    Thanks for your questions.

    1. Yes! .ZIP attachments can be emailed both within OHSU and to external recipients.

    2. The total size of an email cannot exceed 70 MB. This includes the attachment and message body. You can find this documentation in OHSU’s KnowledgeBase at

    If you need to send larger files, OHSU has an application called Axway Secure Transport, found at
    Instructions for Secure Transport are documented in the KnowledgeBase as well:

    Tiah (ITG Communications)

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