Urgent notice: Door hinge replacement needed for certain Forma CO2 incubators

ThermoFisher Scientific has released an urgent field correction notice on certain Forma CO2 Incubators manufactured between April 2001 to September 2009. There is a possible problem involving the metal coated outer door hinge. If the hinge fails, the door may fall and could cause injury. The following incubator models are affected:

  • Forma branded SteriCult models 3307, 3308, 3310, and 3311
  • Thermo Scientific NAPCO 8000 models 3584, 3585, 3598, and 3599
  • Thermo Scientific Series 8000 models 3540, 3541, 3542, and 3543
  • Forma branded SteriCycle models 370, 371,  380 and 381.

Thermo Fisher will provide parts at no cost with easy to follow replacement instructions. Please check to see if you have one of these models still in service. If so, please visit this page in order to get replacement hinges and instructions. Once you get the replacement hinges, please install them on the incubator.

If you have any questions, please call Benjamin Smith.