Funding Focus: Overcoming Writer’s Block, Dec. 11

Image: Bing Ramos/Flickr

Publishing papers is essential to getting grants funded—but having grant funding is essential for writing papers. So what do you do when you’re stuck? Join Rachel Dresbeck, Ph.D., director of research development and communication, for a Funding Focus seminar on Overcoming Writer’s Block. The seminar will be held Tuesday, December 11 from 4 to 5 p.m. in Mac Hall 2201 (if you’re a Funding Focus regular, you’ll notice this event is being held at a special date/time). The presentation will cover:

  • Tricks for dealing with common writing pitfalls;
  • Research on what techniques have been successful in beating writer’s block and increasing productivity; and
  • How to integrate writing into your daily routine.

This workshop is part of the Funding Focus series presented by Research Funding and Development Services, designed to share advice, tips, and general information on funding for the OHSU research community. The series is co-sponsored by the Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute’s Human Investigations Program (HIP). All students, faculty, fellows and research staff are welcome to attend.

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