W. M. Keck Foundation to support new microscopy collaboration at OHSU

The OHSU Center for Spatial Systems Biomedicine (OCSSB), a multidisciplinary center within the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute and School of Medicine, has been awarded $1 million by the W. M. Keck Foundation to support the world’s first microscope that integrates both light and electron microscope techniques. This state-of-the-art technology, being developed in collaboration with Hillsboro-based FEI, allows researchers to associate cell behavior to precise points in the cellular architecture. Researchers from around the globe, including OHSU, FEI, University of California – Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Utrecht University, Portland State University, and QVQ, will be working together on the project.

“This is the next step in biomedical research,” said Joe W. Gray, Ph.D., director of the OCSSB, Gordon Moore Chair of Biomedical Engineering in the OHSU School of Medicine and associate director for translational research for the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute. “In the past, we have focused on measuring the basic structure and function of biomolecules. The W. M. Keck Foundation is helping us build the tools that will lead to a more complex systems-level understanding of how our cells work, how they interact, how they become corrupted, and how they might respond to a particular treatment. This work will improve all aspects of cancer management from detection to treatment, while creating new molecular insights in neuroscience, cardiology, immunology and other disease-focused research.”

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