Andrew Nickerson wins January DNA Services Template Quality Challenge

Each month, the DNA Services Core Facility analyzes the DNA sequencing metadata (read length, quality scores, etc) and gives $54 worth of sequencing credit to the “winner” of the Template Quality Challenge.

October’s winner is Anderw Nickerson of the Nan Lab (Biomedical Engineering) for “best plasmid template” with a contiguous read length of 1117 with 971 high quality (>Q20) bases. Congratulations, Andrew!

In January, DNA Services sequenced ~1500 templates, including fosmids, BACs or large plasmids, PCR products of various sizes and more than 1400 ‘normal’ plasmids. Of the latter, ~88% produced contiguous read lengths of 800 bases or more.

For more information on the MMI DNA Services Core Facility call 503-494-2442 or email Tom Keller, Ph.D. The DNA Services Core is a member of OHSU Shared Resources.