Knight Cancer Institute Pilot Project funding, pre-proposals due March 29

The OHSU Knight Cancer Institute is now accepting applications for Pilot Project funding. The purpose of these $50,000 awards is to cultivate outstanding translational cancer research by assisting in the generation of preliminary data leading to peer-reviewed, national funding. This mechanism is intended to support clinical, basic, or population-based research that is cancer focused. Scientific excellence will be the key review element for all applications. Interdisciplinary research, in which investigators from disparate scientific areas collaborate to bring unique approaches to the cancer problem, is encouraged. Pre-proposals are due March 29, 2013. Invitations to submit full proposals can be expected in mid- to late-April.

Applications that are responsive to any one of the following areas of study will be accepted:

  • Potential advancement of personalized medicine and translational research
  • Research relevant to primary brain tumors
  • Projects designed to advance the prostate program goal of understanding mechanisms of treatment resistance and defining signatures of treatment response with the goal of using this information to improve patient selection or develop rational combination strategies to improve tumor control and patient survival

To be eligible: The PI must be a Knight Cancer Institute investigator at the rank of assistant professor or higher. Projects may be an extension of other work, but cannot overlap with any funded project or be used as bridging support for projects for which funding has lapsed. We encourage applications from young investigators with no other sources to fund these pilot projects, and from senior investigators, with the purpose to foster collaborative exploration of new areas and ideas with high potential for impact in the clinic, including incorporation of emerging technology.

Read the Call for Pre-Proposals.

All questions and proposal submissions should be addressed to Kristin Bialobok at extension 4-6343.