Rockefeller Challenge submissions due April 1

Do you have ideas for improving livelihoods for poor or vulnerable workers in the world? The Rockefeller Foundation has invited OHSU and other institutions to submit ideas outlining innovative plans to improve working conditions, legal rights, social benefits, workplace safety, etc. for informal workers. The process for submission is fairly fast and simple, and if you are selected as a finalist, you will have an opportunity to submit a full proposal for $100,000.

Informal workers fall partially or entirely outside of government regulation and oftentimes lack basic safety nets like pensions and health insurance, and are typically without recourse if they are denied pay or are compelled to work in unsafe conditions. Funded proposals would open new pathways to economic and social empowerment for poor or vulnerable workers throughout the world.

To submit your idea, and for more information visit the FAQ page here:

If you are interested in the opportunity, the deadline is April 1, 2013. Questions? Contact the OHSU Foundation.