Novo Nordisk Diabetes and Obesity Award; applications due May 1

OHSU has been selected by Novo Nordisk to participate in the Novo Nordisk Diabetes and Obesity Biologics Science Forum Awards. Twenty institutions from the western region have been invited to participate. The objective of this program is to help US scientists substantiate and translate early innovation research efforts and clarify if their hypotheses could result in new treatment options for diabetes and obesity.

The awards are for non-clinical research related to new biologic therapeutics and targets amenable to biologics therapeutics or novel effects of known biologics in the field of Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes, including micro- and microvascular complications, and obesity.

  • Early Exploration Award: $250,000 for a two-year period, plus Facility and Administrative Expenses. Supports nonclinical research for early-stage hypotheses that do not yet have preliminary data but show considerable promise for advancing the treatment of diabetes of obesity.
  • Proof of Principle (PoP award): $500,000 for a two year period, plus Facility and Administrative Expenses. Supports nonclinical research for the validation of early stage innovations with sufficient supporting data to conclude on nonclinical PoP studies. Priority will be given to projects which have the likelihood of achieving PoP within a two year period. In general, PoP studies will require results from experiments in established animal models, in vitro human systems or reduction to practice experiments for protein technologies. As part of this award, applicants have the option to have additional scientific support provided by Novo Nordisk.

The finalists will be selected based on a step-wise process, outlined in the attached documents.

TO APPLY: Send a non-confidential pre-proposal (max 2 pages) using the attached template as guide to  no later than May 1, 2013.

For questions, please contact the OHSU Office of Technology Transfer and Business Development.