360 abstracts submitted for OHSU Research Week 2013

The numbers are in: 360 abstracts were submitted for OHSU Research Week–that’s over 40 more than in 2012! Thank you to everyone who submitted.

Of the 360 abstracts submitted, 154 requested oral presentations and 206 requested poster presentations. Abstract submission by rank was similar to last year, although student submissions increased by about 33 percent. This increase isn’t surprising given that 2013 marks the 30th anniversary of the OHSU Student Research Forum.

Here’s the breakdown of abstracts submitted by rank: students (148), postdocs (62), research-ranked employees (44), faculty (64), residents/fellows/instructors (31), and other (11).

Did you wait until March 22 to submit your abstract? If you did, you aren’t alone. If you look at the figure below, you can see that the majority of abstract submissions happened during the days (and even hours!) leading up to the abstract submission deadline.

These data confirm our suspicions that scientists, like other homo sapiens, are predisposed to procrastination.

Research Week Abstract Submission Trends 2013
If you submitted an abstract, expect to hear back from the Research Week programming committee in mid-April. Right now, they’re busy reading through your submissions and sorting them into time slots. In the meantime, mark your calendars for the upcoming Research Week skill development workshops, and keep an eye out for other Research Week news, including keynote speaker announcements, award nominations, and more!

Questions? Contact research@ohsu.edu.