IRB Notes: submitting continuing review questionnaires

Federal requirements dictate that studies and repository protocols be reviewed by the IRB annually. Continuing Review Questionnaires (CRQs) should be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to the expiration of your study/repository protocol, in order to ensure that there is adequate time to review and re-approve it.

Please note that when a study lapses, all data collection, analysis and research activities must cease until it is reapproved. If you need assistance or have questions prior to study lapse, you should contact your managing analyst (preferably via email) for assistance. If you need assistance or have questions and your study is already lapsed, you can contact either your managing analyst or Kelie McWilliams for support.

Protocols that are not submitted for re-review in a timely manner are subject to administrative termination and fees assessed by the IRB.