Unique translational research training from American Society of Hematology

New scientists pursing a career in hematology may be interested in this unique year-long training opportunity from the American Society of Hematology (ASH) and the European Hematology Assocation (EHA) that is focused on helping scientists build successful careers in hematologic translational research, including pathogenesis, diagnostics, and experimental treatment of hematological disorders.

Twenty early-career scientists from the U.S. and Europe will be selected to participate in the program, which begins with an intensive week-long course held in Southern Europe from March 15-21, 2014. Two follow-up meetings, in June 2014 and December 2014, will provide additional opportunities for interaction with peers and mentors.

The program is geared toward postdoctoral medical, biomedical and pharmaceutical translational scientists who are at an early stage of their career. Applicants should have less than 12 years of post-M.D. training or less than 8 years of post-Ph.D. training. Applicants must be an active member of EHA and/or ASH. A required letter of intent is due June 29, 2013, with the full proposal due September 1, 2013. See full announcement for details.