OHSU Research Week oral and poster presentation award winners

OHSU Research Week 2013Below is a list of students who were recognized for exceptional oral or poster presentations during OHSU Research Week. Students were evaluated on hypothesis, research approach, impact, layout/use of media, and presentation skills. The top 15 percent of presenters were selected for an award. Oral presentation winners receive a $150 cash prize and poster presentation winners receive a $75 cash prize.

Special thanks to Dr. Peter Mayinger and all of our volunteer judges who evaluated over 150 student posters and presentations throughout the week.

Student Oral Presentations Winners

William Giardino, Behavioral Neuroscience
Molly Harding, Neuroscience
Kateryna Kyrylkova, College of Pharmacy
Jenna Ramaker, Behavioral Neuroscience
Theodore Braun, MD/PhD Program
Christoper Whelan, Institute on Development and Disability
Mahnaz Janghorban, Cancer Biology
Worapol Ngamcherdtrakul, Biomedical Engineering
Karen Thiebes, Neuroscience
Merryl Lobo, Biomedical Engineering

Student Poster Presentation Winners

Allison Stickles, Physiology and Pharmacology
Ruth White, School of Medicine
Diane Solomon, School of Nursing
Andrew Terker, School of Medicine
Jonathan Au, Public Health and Preventive Medicine
Katelyn Atkins, Radiation Medicine
Annie Logan, Neuroscience
Abby Rynko, School of Medicine
Aurora Blucher, Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology
Chris Vaaga, Neuroscience
Tyler Risom, Cancer Biology
Katie Tallman, Physiology and Pharmacology
QiLiang Chen, Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine
Ryan Gardner, Vollum Institute
Yosef Berlow, Behavioral Neuroscience
Branden Tarlow, Cell & Developmental Biology
Rachel Golda, Environmental and Biomolecular Systems
Mouzhong Xu, Environmental and Biomolecular Systems
Michelle Maier, Environmental and Biomolecular Systems
Diana Parrish, Physiology and Pharmacology

View a list of everyone who was recognized at the Research Week Awards Reception.