IRB Notes: Consent and authorization forms now combined

Due to a change in the HIPAA Privacy Rule, the Institutional Review Board has revised its consent and authorization templates so that all informed consent and authorization elements are combined into a single form that requires only one signature from the subject. Please follow the detailed instructions within the template to customize the form for your study. Additional consent and authorization form guidelines and instructions are available here.

The new templates are available on the IRB Forms page and may be used immediately. Studies submitted on or after May 15 are required to use the new templates unless the IRB grants an exception. Approved studies are not required to switch to the new format, but may do so with a modification or at continuing review if desired.

The Knight Cancer Institute is currently working on revising its template as well. Stay tuned for more information.

Please remember to visit the IRB Forms page each time you need to create a new consent and authorization form to ensure that you are working from the latest template!

Please contact Ames Elliot if you have any questions.