Updated: Cellular Imaging at the Nanoscale symposium, June 27-28

The symposium Cellular Imaging at the Nanoscale will take place at OHSU on June 27-28, 2013, in the Old Library Auditorium. This event will showcase cutting-edge microscopy technologies that can be used to image biological systems at high resolution. Presentations and discussions will focus on imaging cellular systems in 4D, novel tools and probes for imaging, super-resolution microscopy (SRM), and correlated light and electron microscopy.

As of June 21, over 300 attendees have registered for the event. Imaging experts, including Eric Betzig (Janelia Farm), Alice Ting (MIT), Alan Waggoner (CMU), and Roger Wepf (ETH-EMEZ) will share the latest developments in high resolution imaging in biological systems. Guest speakers from NCI (Dr. Dan Gallahan) and Intel (Dr. Alan Gara) will deliver special speeches on related topics. Researchers from OHSU and the local community will share how advanced imaging methods have transformed their understanding of different cellular systems, including cancer cells, neurons, and pathogenic bacteria.

Updated 6/24: Registration is now closed. You may attend without registering, but name badges and lunch may not be available. For more information, please email nanoscale2013@ohsu.edu or visit the event website.

This event is supported by the School of Medicine Research Roadmap and fulfills a key Roadmap goal: enhance the ability of OHSU researchers to form collaborative focus groups or consortiums in pursuit of interdisciplinary research and innovative funding. Learn more at www.ohsu.edu/researchroadmap.