New: Faculty Guide for Start-Ups Sited at OHSU

If you are thinking about forming a start-up company, be sure to refer to this essential new resource, the Faculty Guide for Start-Ups Sited at OHSU. The guide provides contact information for a list of on-campus units you’ll need to work with, including Technology Transfer & Business Development to discuss intellectual property licenses and business planning, Campus Planning to discuss leases of OHSU space and other logistics, and the Integrity Office to discuss conflicts of interest. It also answers frequently asked questions such as:

  • Is OHSU approval required before submitting a grant application for my start-up?
  • May I use OHSU space for my start-up, and if so, what is the cost?
  • May I hire OHSU employees to work for my start-up?
  • Can my start-up use OHSU resources like University Shared Resources, Comparative Medicine, or the IRB?

This guide was developed by Janet Billups, policy advisor to the vice president for research, at the request of Dan Dorsa, Ph.D., and the OHSU Research Council with input from the scientific community and research administration. If you have questions not addressed by the guide, please contact

2 responses to “New: Faculty Guide for Start-Ups Sited at OHSU

  1. Not sure what you mean by “start-up” – is it setting up a new research lab? Creating a business on campus? Onboarding a new faculty person?

  2. Teresa, the guide is designed for researchers starting their own business on campus.

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