eCRIS now available for new clinical studies

On July 22, OHSU launched a new, institution-wide computer application called eCRIS for the budgeting, financial management, contracting, and study management of clinical research studies. Prior to now, there was no centralized system for PIs and study staff to manage clinical research studies. eCRIS has been designed to make your life easier—it eliminates paper forms and reduces duplicative data entry.

eCRIS is now available for new studies that have not yet been submitted to the IRB. Use is voluntary, but beginning January 2014, all new studies enrolling prospectively consented human subjects will be required to use eCRIS. Existing studies will be required to transition to eCRIS by July 2014. Because it is easier to begin a new study in eCRIS than to migrate an existing study, we recommend that new studies take advantage of the application now.

To gain access, PIs and study staff must complete an online training module in Big Brain. Study coordinators must also attend a four-hour, in-person training. For more information on training and a full implementation schedule, visit the eCRIS information website.