Sigma Life Science presents innovative technologies symposium, Aug. 21

Sigma-Aldrich will be hosting a symposium in the OHSU Auditorium on Wednesday, August 21 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. The half-day symposium will focus on Sigma Life Science technologies and capabilities for the characterization of biological systems. Topics will include RNAi and microRNA-based approaches for target identification and validation, along with Zinc Finger Nuclease technology and CRISPR. To view an agenda or register, visit

The symposium’s keynote speaker, Dr. Keming Song, is a research fellow at Sigma-Aldrich, responsible for prospecting new platform technologies and establishing external scientific collaborations. Dr. Song has more than 25 years of research experience in diverse fields of life sciences, particularly in genetics, cell biology, and molecular biology. Dr. Song joined Sigma in 1998 and has served as group leader and R&D manager for several research teams and has developed/directed development of more than 50 commercial products covering nucleic acid amplification, recombinant protein expression, plant biotechnology, and cell biology fields. Before joining Sigma, Dr. Song served as senior scientist and team leader at Johnson & Johnson Clinical Diagnostics and Applied Biosystems, and developed products for clinical diagnosis of HIV. Dr. Song’s current research interest is to bridge iPS cell research with translational medicine for currently none curable genetic diseases. Particularly, he is interested in using ZFN technology to create a variety of modified iPS cell lines that can be used for studying disease mechanisms and for development of novel therapeutics.

If you are interested in discussing potential collaborations with Dr. Song after the symposium, please contact