Changes in eCoI

Good news! We made two small changes to eCoI, our online conflict of interest disclosure system, so we could make disclosure faster and easier for everyone.

1) We removed the second level signer requirement in eCoI. In the past, researchers who disclosed outside activities and other significant financial interests (SFIs) required approval signature by two levels (typically Department Chair and Dean) before their eCoI submission could be processed. From now on, disclosures will require only one level of signature approval (typically Department Chair) before they are cleared in the system.

The second level reviewers will continue to look at the disclosures but they no longer have to OK them before the form can be processed by the CoI office. This means less time waiting for review and approval from signers. It also means that eIRB submissions can be processed more quickly.

2) There is now a requirement of researchers to confirm studies tied to any SFIs being disclosed. The system used to allow a researcher to submit a disclosure form without listing research relating to any existing SFIs. The revised eCoI form will require researchers to check a box affirming that they do not have research related to SFIs, or that they have detailed any research related to their disclosure. This allows us to process disclosures more efficiently, including returning fewer forms and sending fewer clarification requests to researchers.

Small changes, big improvement! Please contact the Conflict of Interest office if you have any questions about these changes: or 503-494-7887. You can read more about the disclosure process at our website.