Interactive occupational fatality maps launched by the OR-FACE Program

Oregon FACE (Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation), an occupational fatality prevention research program, has tracked over 600 work-related deaths in the state of Oregon since 2003. OR-FACE recently published all confirmed Oregon occupational fatalities as interactive maps on its website. The fatality maps (2003 to 2010) can be filtered by year and are coded by events, occupation, and industry. The most current cases, 2011 to present, can be filtered further by both event and year. Pictured here is a screen shot of the maps, which can be accessed on the OR-FACE website.

The maps with all available years selected reveal transportation as the top industry, occupation, and event to fatally injure working Oregonians. Forestry/logging and construction are the second most hazardous industries in Oregon. After transportation, construction occupations are the second most hazardous. After transportation events, the second most frequent event for traumatic injury in Oregon is contact with object or equipment. For more information about specific fatalities represented in the maps, you can explore the OR-FACE website and even download descriptive abstracts for all cases.

More about OR-FACE: OR-FACE conducts surveillance, investigation, and assessment of traumatic occupational fatalities in Oregon, and produces materials to promote worker safety. OR-FACE products and fatality prevention resources include annual fatality reports, safety handbooks for high risk occupations, abstract narratives of all fatal cases, hazard alerts, tool box talk guides, brochures and posters, scientific reports, peer reviewed publications, and in depth investigation reports for selected fatality cases. OR-FACE is a project of the Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology at OHSU. It is supported by a cooperative agreement with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) (grant #2U60OH008472-06) through the Occupational Public Health Program (OPHP) of the Public Health Division of the Oregon Health Authority.

Learn more about the OR-FACE Program, or contact OR-FACE staff directly by emailing or calling 503 494-2281.