IRB Notes: Upcoming IRB classroom training

Introduction to IRB
Come learn a little about the history of institutional review boards (IRB) and the role they play in research. You will also get basic information about the review process for IRB approval at OHSU.  We can help get you started.

Getting started in the eIRB
This class is a basic introduction to the OHSU eIRB interface, basic navigation and search functions. It will also include an overview IRB requirements and an introduction to the IRB website. Participants must register in the eIRB prior to attending class.

Submitting a study
This class will cover the basics of submitting a new study and the different types of studies (expedited, exempt & full board).

Maintaining approval and reporting requirements
The class will cover modifications and continuing review of on-going studies, how to avoid lapses in IRB approval and reporting requirements for Unanticipated Problems and Protocol Deviations.

Date Event Time Room
10/17/2013 Maintaining Approval and Reporting Requirements 11:30 am- 1pm CHH 3178
11/7/2013 Intro to IRB Review 11:30 am- 1pm CHH 3178
11/21/2013 Getting Started in the eIRB 11:30 am- 1pm CHH 3178
12/5/2013 Submitting a Study 11:30 am- 1pm CHH 3178
12/19/2013 Maintaining Approval andReporting Requirements 11:30 am- 1pm CHH 3178