IRB Notes: Using eCRIS and eIRB

eIRB Helpdesk

eCRIS, OHSU’s electronic Clinical Research Information System, increases the efficiency, effectiveness, accuracy, and compliance of clinical research at OHSU. The eCRIS system ‘speaks’ directly to other systems at OHSU, like eIRB, so much of the information you enter into eCRIS will export automatically into the eIRB thus streamlining your submission process. Studies involving prospectively consented human subjects will eventually be required to track their subjects in eCRIS, though other types of studies are welcome to use the system.

As you track study participants, responses to questions within eCRIS may result in prompts to meet requirements for IRB reporting. For example, prompts may appear for events reportable to the IRB. A direct link to the eIRB will allow you to create a new UP (unanticipated problem) or PD (protocol deviation) as you complete information within eCRIS. Please note however, that the reportable event created in the eIRB will still be in your eIRB inbox and will require PI submission within eIRB to complete the process. Please follow any HELPTEXT links to ensure the events are indeed necessary to report based on OHSU IRB policy.

Please contact Ames Elliot if you have any questions.