Information for federal grant submission post-shutdown

This following message was sent to all OHSU faculty, postdoctoral fellows, research-ranked employees, department administrators, and RDA personnel on Monday, October 21, 2013.

Dear colleagues,

This is to update you regarding our OHSU process for federal grants submission as the government resumes operations post-shutdown. The NIH and other federal organizations have adjusted deadlines to accommodate for the shutdown, and this will have several impacts on anyone submitting in October and November. These processes are designed to ensure that your applications are successfully received by NIH and other federal institutions.

Importantly, we will require strict adherence to the 3 business day internal deadline for all applications—including final science—currently due or with a revised due date in November. No exceptions for late applications will be permitted.

For PIs: if you have already completed your application in InfoEd and received internal approval, and you wish to make significant changes to the application, you must re-route the proposal through InfoEd. These changes include significant changes to the budget, addition of key personnel, cost sharing added or changed, new space or other OHSU resources.

You will also hear from your RGC Grants and Contacts Analyst (GCA), who will confirm with each investigator who has an application internally approved as of now whether that application can be submitted immediately or not. GCAs will be in contact with PIs and department administrators with specific information regarding each application.

As yet, no information has been provided regarding Progress Reports that were due in October.

We will update you further as we learn more. If you have questions, please contact your GCA. Thanks to each of you—we appreciate your patience as we restore our processes alongside the federal government.

The Office of the Senior Vice President for Research