eCRIS: Let’s get prepared

training session

As you may know, starting in January 2014 the electronic Clinical Research Information System (eCRIS) will be required for all studies enrolling prospectively consenting OHSU subjects. Then in July 2014, all existing studies must be migrated to eCRIS as well. We realize this change may have a significant impact on a busy study coordinator or investigator’s day, so we asked around to see how things were going.

“Before the training sessions the new system seemed daunting, but once I finished I saw it as a big help and a good resource. I was mostly concerned with migrating our existing studies. The training really helped with this and was a big stress relief,” said Matt French, study coordinator with OCTRI, when asked about his and his teammates’ eCRIS awareness.

Here are the first training steps so you can relieve some stress, too:

Optional one-on-one training is available after taking the overview class. Email to schedule. For more information see the eCRIS Training and Education page.