eCRIS: New Ongoing Study, Invoice and Payment functionality

eCRIS logoOHSU’s electronic clinical research information system, eCRIS, has new functionality available.

Look for the following features:

Active studies with industry funding can generate invoices and display payment data from Oracle Grants Accounting (OGA).

  • The Create Invoice button is available on the budget workspace for active studies.
  • Invoices are created based on the information contained in the payment terms smartform.
  • Automatic payments, or those paid to OHSU without having to create and send an invoice, can be reconciled to work performed using the Payment Reconciliation activity on the budget.

Ongoing studies can now be managed in eCRIS using the Create Ongoing Study activity on the home page.

  • ITG can bulk upload existing Subjects into eCRIS (see Ongoing Study Subject Bulk Upload Instructions).
  • It is optional whether to create a budget and/or visit schedule for ongoing studies. See the Ongoing Study Management section of the eCRIS User Manual.
  • Activate your Ongoing Study when all modifications and subject upload, if applicable, are complete.

The following features will be available soon:

Feature Release Date
Ongoing Studies receive payment data from OGA Mid-December 2013
eCRIS data available for reporting in the Sponsored Project Data Repository (SPDR) Summer 2014


Questions? Please email or see the eCRIS Training and Education page.