Your feedback wanted on potential Medicinal Chemistry Core

Although OHSU currently possesses significant infrastructure supporting Medicinal Chemistry, including state-of-the-art organic chemistry laboratories and talented organic chemists, this resource is not widely available to OHSU investigators. Whereas other universities have well-established Core Facilities that support drug discovery, at OHSU this activity is currently limited to individual laboratories.

To meet this need at OHSU, and in response to repeated enquiries about the possibility of fee-for-service chemical synthesis, organic chemists at OHSU and the VA Hospital are currently exploring the possibility of establishing a medicinal chemistry core facility. The core would be equipped to:

  1. Synthesize compounds de novo and deliver them with a high level of purity.
  2. Consult on structure-activity projects like those involved in lead optimization.
  3. Provide access to software and expertise required to implement virtual ligand docking for in silico screening of compound libraries and, more generally, to investigate ligand-protein interactions and guide experimentation.

In order to explore the feasibility of establishing such a Core Facility at OHSU we need to gauge the potential demand. Please let us know by return email to David Dawson, professor and chair, Department of Physiology & Pharmacology, if you would be interested in using such a service.