Women in Science seminar on careers in world health, Feb. 12

Dr. Madani

From the Bench to The Middle East, North Africa and Beyond: Using HIV Drug Hunting as a Platform for International Cooperation in a Challenging Region

Wednesday February 12, 2014
10:30-11:30 a.m. in Mac Hall 2201

OHSU Women in Science is pleased to host Navid Madani, Ph.D. from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard for a special seminar on Alternative Careers in World Health. Dr. Madani, an Iranian-born scientist who received her Ph.D. at OHSU, has been organizing international efforts to help Moslem countries develop AIDS research and infrastructure organizations to combat AIDS. In addition, she has become a main meeting organizer and liaison for the NIH in its efforts in Moslem countries including Iran, Tunisia, Morocco, and Indonesia. We are excited to hear her speak about her career path and her efforts to combine scientific research with global health.

Organized by Women in Science OHSU. All are welcome. Contact Jenna Ramaker with questions.