Interested in mentoring to increase diversity?

The Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute is participating in two collaborative NIH planning grants to increase diversity in the scientific workforce. They are actively seeking mentors for both proposals. Please consider participating in one or both.

BUILD.  In partnership with PSU, we propose an innovative program for undergraduate students to increase the diversity pipeline into STEM careers in research. We are seeking OHSU faculty mentors willing to work with diversity students in early scientific inquiry, sponsor short research rotations, or summer mentorship. Mentors need not have funded research; we encourage mentors who may come from disadvantaged backgrounds. This program may involve as many as 100 undergraduate students in each year, and include minority or disadvantaged students from Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii and Pacific Islands. If you are interested, please contact Colleen Berretta. Mentors may be compensated for their time.

National Research Mentoring Network.  The NRMN initiative will develop a highly networked set of motivated and skilled mentors from a variety of biomedical research disciplines linked to mentees from the undergraduate to early career faculty level across the country. Research mentors much have NIH funding; career mentors must have experience mentoring across diversity. Mentors may commit to mentoring a trainee nationally using electronic media over a year, or may have only a one-time encounter. The NRMN will develop best practices for mentoring, provide training opportunities for mentors, and provide networking and professional opportunities for mentees. If you are interested, please forward a biosketch to Colleen Beretta and indicate if you wish to be considered as a research or career mentor.

Questions?  Please contact Cindy Morris.