Editor of Science Careers to give OHSU Research Week keynote, May 7

Jim Austin, Ph.D., editor of Science Careers, a publication of Science and AAAS, has been invited by the Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute to give a keynote lecture during OHSU Research Week. Dr. Austin’s talk, “I’m not here on business baby, I’m only here for fun,” is inspired by a Bruce Springsteen lyric that he taped to his desk during graduate school. Based on his experience both being a scientist and helping other people figure out how to become scientists, he will lead a thought-provoking conversation on how we should think about becoming a researcher–about the journey, the destination, and the various challenges we face along the way.

Research Week Keynote: Jim Austin, Ph.D.
Wednesday, May 7, 12 to 1 p.m., OHSU Auditorium

About Jim Austin

Despite being the valedictorian of his large public high school, getting really great SAT scores, attending one of the nation’s best colleges (and doing very well there), and earning a Ph.D. in physics from an esteemed university, Jim Austin never quite managed to climb onto a glutted tenure track. He quit research and followed his wife to Maine, where she became a professor of chemistry and he wrote, thought, taught, and hauled firewood up a steep hill. In 2001 he joined Science Careers, the world’s leading online resource for careers in the sciences, and soon became its editor.