5th Annual Elemental Analysis Core Open House, May 16

Look at all those samples!

Have you ever wondered what elements are really in your vitamins and supplements? Or if you have hard or soft water? The Ralle Lab invites OHSU students, staff and faculty–as well as the general public–to bring samples of tap water, vitamins, and food for testing during its annual open house.

Elemental Analysis Core Open House
Friday, May 16 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Medical Research Building room 625

Researchers in the Ralle lab determine elemental concentrations in biological and non-biological material for a plethora of elements using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. At the open house, you can learn about how the core can assist in your research projects that involve quantitative analysis while learning about concentrations of metals and other elements in common household items.

Water Samples: Bring 1-2 ml
Cost: $1
For lead measurements from tap water it is best to bring two samples: one collected first thing in the morning, when the water has been sitting in the pipes, and a second sample after the water has been running for a few minutes. Containers can be provided if needed.

Solid Samples: Bring 1-2 pills or if bringing fruit 1-2 teaspoons
Cost: $5
Pack in a plastic container.

Questions? Contact elemental.analysis.core@gmail.com.