Quantitative biology symposium: Working at the interface of biology and physics, May 20

The Galbraith Lab invites OHSU researchers to a one-day quantitative biology symposium on working at the interface of biology and physics. Highlights include scientific talks, lunch with the speakers, and an afternoon data slam for postdocs and students. Speakers include: Dyche Mullins (HHMI, UCSF); Jim Bear (HHMI, UNC); Dan Fletcher (Berkeley); Kludoud Jaqaman (UTSW); Joe Gray (OHSU); D.A. Ta (OHSU); and Peter Barr-Gillespie (OHSU).

Registration is required, but the event is free to attend. Funding for this symposium is provided by the OHSU School of Medicine Research Roadmap and American Society for Cell Biology.

Quantitative Biology One-Day Symposium: Working at the Interface of Biology and Physics
Tuesday, May 20, 2014
9 a.m. in the OHSU Auditorium