Guidelines for registering summer interns at OHSU

If you plan to host a visiting student or intern this summer, please refer to the following guidelines below. Please note: No student younger than 16 may volunteer or work in a lab area without the express permission of the department chair, Environmental Health and Radiation Safety, Risk Management, and the mission director of Human Resources. Contact Susan Shugerman, assistant vice provost, Education Outreach and Collaboration, to request permission.

What OHSU needs to know about volunteers and interns

If you are mentoring a high school or undergraduate student or teacher this summer, either on your own or through any program (such as CURE, ASE, OIDD Summer Youth Employment Program, Murdock Collaborative Research Program, CROET Summer Student Research Awards or Partners in Scientific Inquiry), please email Susan Shugerman with the name and grade level (high school or undergraduate) of the individual(s) you are mentoring. Please indicate if they are here as a participant in a particular program.

Registering your trainee

You will register your student with Research and Academic Volunteer Services if he/she is (all must apply):

  • 16 years of age or older
  • commits to at least 40 hours of work total
  • does not have the same level of responsibility as employees (duties will be reviewed by Volunteer Services)
  • is not being paid by OHSU or any outside organization

Registration with Volunteer Services will insure the student’s eligibility for Workers’ Compensation benefits in the event of a work related injury (volunteer enrollment and reporting of volunteer hours is necessary for the receipt of workers’ compensation in the event of an injury). For more information about Research and Academic Volunteers, please visit the Volunteer Services website or contact Amber Bruner.

The hosting department will register students who do not meet the above requirements according to the Visiting Scientists Policy (as “Unescorted Visitors”). For more information on duties and registration of these individuals please consult with your HR Business Partner.

The hosting department will register students who are employed by OHSU as employees through Human Resources. If the student is being paid, they are in the OHSU system and are automatically covered by Workers’ Compensation.

Protecting your interns and volunteers

For all minor students (under the age of 18), the hosting department must insure the completion of a Parental Consent form. The hosting department keeps the completed forms on file for five years. (Note – students at OHSU in conjunction Saturday Academy’s ASE program do not need to fill out OHSU’s Parental Consent form. Saturday Academy consent forms provide all necessary information and coverage.)

If your student is under the age of 18, refer to the Guidelines for Hosting Minors in Labs at OHSU and keep a signed copy on file for five years.

Join the party for interns and volunteers!

The Office of Science Education Opportunities is hosting a Summer Welcome pizza party for high school and undergraduate students and teachers on campus this summer, to meet peers and learn about campus programs and resources that may be of interest. An invitation to this optional event will be sent to all OHSU mentors closer to the date. Please make a note of these dates and times:

  • Marquam Hill Campus – Thursday, June 26, 12 to 1:30 p.m., BICC Gallery
  • West Campus – Friday, June 27, 12 to 1:30 p.m., Primate Center, Malinow Lunch Room

Questions related to students on campus should be directed to Susan Shugerman.