Changes coming to pre- and post-award management at OHSU

After many months of strategizing, planning, and development, the Office of the Senior Vice President for Research is pleased to announce that OHSU’s pre-award office (Research Grants & Contracts; RGC) and post-award office (Sponsored Projects Administration; SPA) are merging to become one group: the Office of Proposal & Award Management, to be led by Deborah Golden-Eppelein.

Why merge RGC & SPA?

We have three guiding principles in mind:

1) Improved service to the research community as the research enterprise at OHSU grows and evolves. Funding sources are changing and new programs are emerging. The new Office of Proposal & Award Management prepares us for growth by strengthening the research administration infrastructure – allowing us to expand front line staff and improve and integrate processes.

2) Allow OHSU to fully prepare for new Federal requirements and improve our ability to assess risk and ensure appropriate compliance. New Federal policy governing externally funded proposals and awards is coming later this year (called “Uniform Guidance”). We’re busy reading and interpreting the new guidelines to understand the impact to our research community. One unified group will position us well to respond to the ever-changing landscape.

3) Keep costs down! We want to be good stewards and minimize costs to the research community, and this new group helps with that.  A single senior director to oversee the new group, as well as organizing by function, allows us to keep costs to a minimum while also positioning us to be able to scale up when OHSU’s research portfolio grows.

What does this mean to me?

This will mean better service and implementation of best practices that will progressively improve your proposal submission, account set up, and award management processes. We will be making the transition over the next few months and some departments may ultimately work with different pre- and post-award staff. For those of you who may be working with different staff, we will contact you directly. Other than that you will likely not notice immediate changes. And, of course, we will keep the research community (administrators and faculty) posted on improvements as the transition proceeds.

How do I get more information?

Check out the RGC website  to find a link to the new Office of Proposal & Award Management org chart. If you have questions, contact Dana Director, VP for research operations & student affairs (, 494.1083), or Deborah Golden-Eppelein, senior director of the Office of Proposal & Award Management (, 494.4853).

This new model is designed to capitalize on the strengths we have at OHSU and to put them to use in a way that positions us well to respond to new federal guidance and for growth as OHSU’s research expands. The timing for this transition has never been better – we have strong, experienced folks at the helm in the Office of Proposal & Award Management who are leading the charge to strengthen our infrastructure.