CLSB: What you need to know about parking and transportation

Update 7/7: TriMet bus commuters: the CLSB is Stop 13181, Moody and Sheridan, served by bus line 35 and 36. Within about a five-minute walk from the CLSB, there are connections to lines 9, 17, 19, 38, 43, 45, 54, 55, 56, and 66. To map your commute, try the TriMet trip planner.

If TriMet’s current options are not convenient to you, submit your comments on the TriMet website. Direct feedback from riders is the best way for them to tailor their routes.


Update 6/18: Brochures on Employee Transportation Options to the CLSB and Student Transportation Options to the CLSB are now available.


Are you wondering about the parking situation at the Collaborative Life Sciences Building? Here’s an update. Like the parking at CHH, the new parking structure is a 4-Diamond lot. The adjacent Schnitzer Lot will change to 3-Diamond. Faculty and staff will have access to the second level of the CLSB parking structure, P2 (the first level is dedicated to patient parking). Bike commuters will have 100 indoor, fee-based bike parking spots as well as 300 no-charge outdoor bike slots (alas, no bike valet yet). Fee-based shower facilities are available.

If you’re planning to park elsewhere but you need to get to CLSB for teaching and events, you’ll have a number of options. The streetcar—free with your OHSU ID badge—is already serving the CLSB. The South Waterfront shuttle runs every 10 or 15 minutes and will include the CLSB in its regular stops. The walking time from the tram to CLSB is estimated to be about 5 minutes.

Send your questions to and we will try to get them answered for you.

8 responses to “CLSB: What you need to know about parking and transportation

  1. Not sure who to contact, but there is a typo in the brochure. On the back under “Collaborative Life Sciences Building”, it should read “OHSU’s newest destination”, as opposed to “neweset destination”. Here’s hoping the brochure hasn’t been printed yet!

    1. Thanks, @Carrie! We’ve passed along your feedback and they are working to update the brochure.

  2. The link “South Waterfront shuttle” is broken. It seems to be a relative rather than absolute link.

  3. About “Faculty and staff will have access to the second level of the CLSB parking structure”, I want to ask if postdocs belong to the staff group? Thank you.

  4. @Mo: Just got word from OHSU Transportation and Parking that postdocs will have access to the Schnitzer Lot, which is 3-Diamond. For more information, please contact Christine Giatti at

  5. There is no information on parking lots and parking rates in this document. Our incoming students and continuing students have questions that we are unable to address. There is also a lot of misinformation out there. Administrators have heard one thing, student groups have hear another. One definitive place for comprehensive information needs to be developed. This brochure is a good start but still does not get the information out there that is needed.

    For example:
    – Parking in CLSB – $4 per hour, or $26-8 per day
    – Parking at Schnitzer lot – $10 per day free nights and weekends (no application/approval needed?)
    – Stundet Permitted Parking – Dotter lot spaces extremely limited w/ approved application and renewed every 90 days.

    1. Hi @Mark. Here is a response to your question from OHSU Transportation and Parking.

      The process for student permits will remain the same. No monthly/annual permits will be offered to students; anyone with an emergent need will need to go through the approval process, which can be found here:

      Students may purchase hourly parking. Rates are:
      Schnitzer Parking lot:
      • Daily Parking rates: $3.00 for the 1st hour, $2.00 each additional hour, $10.00 Daily Maximum
      • Digital Parking Meters available throughout lot to purchase parking
      • Parking permit needed Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except holidays
      • Schnitzer lot will remain open 24/7

      CLSB parking garage:
      • $4.00 per hour, $22.00 per day maximum
      • This is a gate lot. Parking rates will be charged 24/7 (there is no free parking)
      • Payment will be due upon exit – credit or debit card will be needed for payment from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. (No cashier on duty)

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