Did you miss OHSU’s Three Minute Thesis Competition?

During Research Week 2014, OHSU held its second annual Three Minute Thesis Competition for graduate students. 3MT® is an academic competition developed by the University of Queensland, Australia that is intended to develop academic, presentation, and research communication skills. Below, view recordings of OHSU’s 2014 3MT winners. Recordings of all participants are available here.

Audience choice

Asia Mitchell – Non-Random Chromosome Loss in Cancer

[flash width=”520″ height=”451″ flashvars=”flv=/vod/host/3mt/3mt1.flv&showiconplay=1″]http://www.ohsu.edu/edcomm/flash/vidplayer-1.0.swf[/flash]


Second place

Danielle Williamson – Protons, pH and the Proprotein Convertases

[flash width=”520″ height=”451″ flashvars=”flv=/vod/host/3mt/3mt3.flv&showiconplay=1″]http://www.ohsu.edu/edcomm/flash/vidplayer-1.0.swf[/flash]


First place

Andrew Fowler – Efficient Typing with a Brain Computer Interface

[flash width=”520″ height=”451″ flashvars=”flv=/vod/host/3mt/3mt5.flv&showiconplay=1″]http://www.ohsu.edu/edcomm/flash/vidplayer-1.0.swf[/flash]