iLab Solutions rollout begins July 29 for core resource scheduling and billing

In June, we told you about an upcoming change in the way you interface with core resources at OHSU. Over the next few weeks, OHSU will begin rolling out iLab Solutions, a web-based tool to help manage scheduling and billing for core research resources. iLab Solutions will replace the current Core Ordering and Reporting Enterprise System (CORES). The rollout will happen in phases, with Flow CytometryAdvanced Light Microscopy, and Massively Parallel Sequencing transitioning to the new system first.

iLab Solutions will increase efficiency for core resources, which will help better meet scientific needs and reduce costs in the long run. In the meantime, we realize that iLab Solutions may initially seem a bit more complex than the existing CORES system. To assist you through the transition, user manuals and a video tutorial are provided below. For additional support, contact the iLab Solutions help desk at or the OHSU University Shared Resources program at


July 29, 2014: iLab Solutions login available to users of Flow Cytometry and Advanced Light Microscopy. Users can enter reservations for dates on or after Aug. 1.

Aug. 1, 2014: iLab Solutions login available to users of Flow Cytometry, Advanced Light Microscopy, and Massively Parallel Sequencing. The CORES system will become unavailable; its landing page will redirect to iLab Solutions.

TBD: Additional cores begin using iLab Solutions for scheduling and billing.

Getting started

Below are the details on how to log into the software and manuals to assist you with requesting services from these three core facilities. Please note that login will not be available until July 28.

Internal OHSU Users: Register with iLab

  1. Go to to login.
  2. If you have an OHSU ID and password, click the HERE link to login. (If you do not have an OHSU ID, please refer to the “External-OHSU Users” instructions below.)
  3. Once logged in, set your time zone.
  4. You will be on your Home page. Click on the “list all cores” link on the left panel to view the core facilities at OHSU.
  5. Click the name of the facility. You are taken to the main page of that facility. Go to the Equipment tab if you would like to reserve time on equipment and the Service tab to request a service. The manuals below provide screen shots and more specific information.

External OHSU Users or those without OHSU IDs: Sign up for an iLab Account

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Register link to register for an iLab account.
  3. All fields are required on the account sign-up page.
  4. You will receive an email with account information and basic instructions to get started using the system once your account has been approved.
  5. Go to the URL above to log in. Check the box for user’s without OHSU IDs. Type your login and password information in the fields.

User manuals

Login Manual

Lab Management Manual

Lab Management Tutorial

For Massively Parallel Sequencing service requests: Basic manual

For Flow Cytometry and Advanced Light Microscopy equipment reservations: Scheduling manual