NIGMS Contest: Tracing basic research to medical advances

The National Institute of General Medical Sciences has announced a challenge to track medical advances stemming from NIGMS-supported basic science.

NIGMS is looking for new ways to identify the connections between a research project and a specific medical advance, so they are soliciting stories that make a clear association between NIGMS-funded research and improvements in health, well-being or other tangible benefits to the public and/or economy. They are also interested in applications in medicine, industry, technology or elsewhere that have their roots in NIGMS-funded research projects, and especially encourage our long-time grantees to share their stories of discovery.

The challenge seeks complete stories that can trace current treatments, therapeutics or diagnostics back to knowledge or insights gained from one or more NIGMS-funded projects. The contest will be run through, and winning stories will receive a $500 prize. Submissions are due to by October 20, 2014.