Cloud storage now available for OHSU researchers

A new cloud storage option is now available for all OHSU faculty, staff and students. It’s called Box and it works a lot like other cloud storage systems including Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive. These types of services allow you to store your files so you can get to them from anywhere and share them with anyone. Box offers similar functionality, but with added protections in place for OHSU confidential and restricted data or protected health information. OHSU and Box have entered into a Business Associate Agreement that meets all of policy compliance requirements. This represents a first step down a new storage and collaboration path which fits with OHSU’s data protection goals.

Update – Note that this really is a first step: storage size is limited to 10 GB, with no requests for additional capacity accepted.

Get started

If you do not have an existing Box account under your OHSU email address, go to, click Continue and enter your OHSU network credentials.

If you already have a Box account that uses your OHSU email address, you should have received an email notifying you of the coming conversion of your account to an OHSU enterprise account.

Learn more on Staff News.

3 responses to “Cloud storage now available for OHSU researchers

    1. Submitted on 2014/08/05 at 4:46 pm

      Betts, you should be able to share files – Staff News tell us you just need to email a shared file link and the recipient signs into, or sets up an account if necessary. Of course, given the size constraints, I don’t know how realistic this will be.

  1. @Betts Per the OHSU FAQs: You can share Box account folders or files with virtually anyone. Sharing files or folders with users outside of OHSU will require that they setup a account and use a password that adheres to OHSU standards. Each user is responsible for only sharing appropriate files with appropriate users based on OHSU policies and guidelines.

    View more FAQs here:

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