IRB Notes From the Chair: A New Electronic IRB


eIRB Upgrade Coming summer 2015!


The new eIRB will help us support the rapidly growing research community at OHSU and maintain our high standards of compliance as a world-class research institution. We expect this new version will provide a much simpler, understandable and streamlined approach for submitting your studies for IRB Review.


The eIRB Upgrade project has been divided into two phases: Phase 1 –  Design & Phase 2 – Development and Implementation. Phase 1 was completed at the end of June and Phase 2 is underway. We have divided Phase 2 into Sprints which gives us the ability to do more frequent review and testing of key stages. This is important for us in order to identify any problem areas to resolve early on throughout.


At the end of each sprint we conduct User Acceptance Testing (UAT) sessions. We have completed UAT for Sprint 2 – Initial Submission Smart Form content. We had an outstanding response from the research community who volunteered to be testers and we received an amazing amount of feedback. We are doing our best to incorporate whatever suggestions possible into this upgrade.


We will need current and additional volunteers to test upcoming key upgrade components and provide feedback by alerting us to any bugs or identifying other possible areas that may require fixes or improvements for additional sprints. Sprint 3 – Initial Submission Workflow – is coming up toward the end of September so keep an eye out for more information coming soon.


If you are interested in signing up to participate in this testing, please contact Andrew Perluss and David Holmgren to sign up as a testing volunteer.