IRB Notes eIRB Helpdesk: Top Tips for IRB Submissions

1. I need to add or remove a staff member on my eIRB study. What’s the best way to do this?

You should submit staff changes independent of other changes to your study. Normally, staff-only modifications can be turned around within 24 hours, allowing your change to take effect quickly. If you pair this change with other items, the staff has to wait for the approval of the entire modification.

2. I am trying to add someone to my eIRB study, but I am not finding them in the search. What gives?

Chances are one of two things has happened. First, double check that the person has registered for the eIRB. Simply taking the Big Brain courses doesn’t create an eIRB account. If someone needs to register, they can find the “Registration” link at the bottom left of the eIRB login page. If they’ve already registered for the eIRB, check that you are spelling their name correctly. The eIRB is connected to the HR database, so you must use the person’s name as it appears in HR’s records.

3. I am adding someone to my eIRB study, and I am getting an error message that they are not compliant with the required Big Brain trainings and / or Conflict of Interest. I think they have two Big Brain accounts; what do I do?

You can handle this one of two ways. First, you can email your request, and the person’s full name, to Second, you can call us to have the person’s account updated. Once the multiple accounts are merged, the system updates overnight, and you’ll be ready to submit!