DoD Broad Agency Announcement for Extramural Medical Research

The U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command has a new funding opportunity available: the Extramural Medical Research program. This program must be for basic and applied research and must be for scientific study and experimentation directed toward advancing the state-of-the-art or increasing knowledge and understanding rather than focusing on a specific system or hardware solution. Research and development funded through this program are intended and expected to benefit and inform both military and civilian medical practice and knowledge.

The research program areas are:

  • Military Infectious Diseases – Focuses on vaccines, anti-parasitic drugs, deployable field clinical diagnostics (human and vector), prophylactics and novel therapeutics to treat multidrug-resistant organisms in combat wound infections, as well as vector control pertinent to naturally occurring endemic diseases with demonstrated or potential capability to decrease military operational effectiveness.
  • Combat Casualty Care – Provides integrated capabilities for far-forward medical care to reduce the mortality and morbidity associated with major combat-related trauma across the spectrum of combat casualty care including point-of-injury and pre- or out-of-hospital care, the spectrum of en-route care, and facilities-based treatment.
  • Military Operational Medicine – Conducts biomedical research to deliver products and solutions to the Service member that address health and fitness throughout the deployment cycle. The program is centered on cutting-edge scientific research and bringing science to the Service member on the battlefield in a relevant, timely manner.
  • Clinical and Rehabilitative Medicine – Focuses on the innovations required to reset our wounded Service members, both in terms of duty performance and quality of life.
  • Medical Biological Defense – Provides medical countermeasures for biological warfare agents.
  • Medical Chemical Defense – Seeks to preserve combat effectiveness by timely provision of medical countermeasures in response to Joint Service chemical warfare defense requirements.
  • Medical Simulation and Information Sciences – The mission of this program is to explore the implications of models and technology for medical education and for the provision, management and support of health services in the military.
  • Radiation Health Effects – Focuses on developing medical countermeasures for acute ionizing radiation injury.
  • Special Investment Areas/Innovation Funding – Seeking new and innovative science that promises benefit to military health and medicine.

Awards are made to organizations only. Eligible investigators include all individuals, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, or citizenship status, who are employed by, or affiliated with, an eligible organization. A specific amount of funding has NOT been set aside for this Announcement, and the number of awards is indeterminate and contingent upon funding availability. The total period of performance may be up to five years, except for the “Special Investment Areas/Innovation Funding” area of interest. Those projects are generally 18 months or less in duration and limited to $500,000 total.

Pre-proposal deadline: September 30, 2015